Showboat Atlantic City to Reopen July 8

Showboat Atlantic City to Reopen Tomorrow?

We have heard this before!

Showboat Atlantic City

Showboat Atlantic City to open July 8

Bart Blatstein owner of the Showboat Casino tells us that the casino is on schedule to open July 8. This is good news for the Atlantic City area and vacationers. The Showboat has been through its up and downs from being sold to a school (of all things) to finally being “saved” by Mr. Blatstein.  There will be 850 rooms and no casino. I have personally stayed at the Showboat before it closed and thought it was a very nice place.

Atlantic City was on Sale

Mr. Blatstein is buying up Atlantic City properties on the cheap since its tailspin. He knows that all beach property will always be valuable and Atlantic City is on its way back to glory. Look at South Beach Florida for example. In the 70’s-80’s you could not give away property there. Now we all know how valuable property is there, and how popular South Beach is.

Mr. Blatstein is obviously keen on this and has the pockets to take advantage of the lull in property value on the boardwalk.

In regard to Showboat, “This is rebirth,” Mr. Blatstein said. “What you’re seeing here is rebirth.”   This is code words for Atlantic City. With the Revel reopening and Showboat this is a rebirth of Atlantic City. will keep you updated for all the hot news going on this summer of 2016. Do you know of a better way to spend a few days than on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.  Since we are talking about sales…. we have ways for you to save money. If you want to save more let us know. In the meantime check out our show schedule and latest shows for July 2016 . For the latest hotel deals from Priceline check out these great rates. Have a great summer!



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